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Motorex Announcements for July

Posted on 27 May 2013

Despite the recent cancelation of the 2013 Melbourne International Motor Show, MotorEx will be going ahead as planned in 2013, and will be bigger and better than ever before.

“We think the cancellation of the Melbourne International Motor Show this year and the doubt over next year’s Sydney International Motor Show is a great opportunity for us,” said MotorEx owner Bruce Morrison.

“MotorEx has been growing rapidly for us, in both crowd numbers and exhibitor numbers, since we took over the event in 2010.

‘We think that manufacturers might see that maybe MotorEx is a great place to display their concept cars and maybe even some of their dream cars that you don’t normally get to see in a show room.”

MotorEx is coming to Melbourne in 2014

At last year’s MotorEx in 2012, the event organisers announced that the custom, performance and collectable car show would be travelling to Melbourne for the 2014 show, and then alternating between Sydney and Melbourne each year after that. “We always thought that Sydney would naturally outgrow itself as a single city show for MotorEx,” said Morrison.

“Melbourne has a huge car culture, and they’ve been asking us for years how come they don’t have a show the stature and calibre of MotorEx.

“So we think it’s a natural extension to start an event in Melbourne. It’s just too hard for us to do two shows, and we think it would detract from MotorEx if we tried to split that. So we’ve decided to start to alternate the MotorEx show between Sydney and Melbourne, commencing 2014. “It’ll be over the same weekend in July, and we’re really excited about the opportunity that Melbourne brings us.

 MotorEx 13 opens to the general public on the Friday night

MotorEx will be open on the Friday night of the 19th of July from 5pm to 9pm to give show goers the first opportunity to see the highlights of this year’s show. Fans who come into the show on the Friday night will not only be among the first to meet Chip Foose, but the House of Kolor Inauguration has now been moved to the Friday evening from Saturday and will commence at 6pm. The House of Kolor Inauguration features the grand unveiling of some of Australia’s ultimate master built blockbuster show cars and bikes, never before unveiled in public before MotorEx.

“This year we’re opening Friday night for the very first time. The show will be open from 5pm – 9pm and it will really act as a preview for the entire weekend,” said Morrison. “The main change that it brings about is to move inauguration, the unveiling of all those great new cars from 11:00 on the Saturday morning to 6:00pm on the Friday night.

“The cars under full lights look spectacular, so changing it to a night time unveil will be a really incredible sight. “And this year we’ve also introduced two of those giant screens, one in the dome and one in the other hall, so it will really enhance the overall experience of the unveil.”

MotorEx Marketplace New Product Reveal

The MotorEx Marketplace New Product Reveal will showcase the unveil of some of Australia’s most innovative specialty automotive parts and products in a showcase of high end automotive products that is not seen at any other car show in Australia. “We have a new concept called New Product Reveal that we’ve been working on that for some time now,” said Morrison. “It’s all around new products and we see all the relevant products and services as an absolutely integral part of MotorEx these days. “We’ve got some really exciting stuff to reveal at the New Product Reveal on Saturday morning at 11:00. It’ll be really exciting for people to see, both in terms of the crowd and the car owners.”

American automotive design legend Chip Foose makes his first Australian trip

 “This is Foose’s first trip to Australia, and he’s all locked in specifically for MotorEx,” said Morrison. “He’s a huge drawcard, really both for crowd number and for entrants of course. Anyone who’s really into customising cars wants to put their vehicle in front of Foose. This year we will have a Foose pick award that will be unbelievable for someone to win. “In terms of the crowd, he’ll be there the whole weekend from Friday night to close of show on Sunday, so there’ll be ample time for autographs. “You’ll get to hear interviews, you’ll get to see him sketching; if you’re a Chip Foose fan, 2013 is the year to be at MotorEx.”


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